Notes from this week 1

New site design #

I finally decided on a design for this site and developed the main page. I designed the layout in Adobe XD so that I could eliminate the guesswork when in development. The site is built with 11ty static site generator for quick development and content publishing and a fast front-end. I plan to continuously improve the website.

I still need to adjust a few things (typography, consistent spacing, mobile-friendly, etc) but at least I have something up.

Modern brutalist web design #

I was experimenting with some brutalist web designs for my site and decided against it. At least for now. I admire some of the minimalist approaches to it but I pondered to myself "Is it too extreme that non-designers may not understand". Also if executed incorrectly, it would appear that there is a problem with the site instead of thinking everything was purposefully designed.

I feel some of the brutalist design is about irony and a simplified version of the web. However, there is a modern approach to some of these sites with high interactivity, offset grids, transitions, lots of animations and quality content.

I appreciate the Safari Riot website. When looking at it you can see, based on their clients, that they are well-known enough to be on bleeding edge of design and their website doesn't have to generate new client leads for them. It becomes more of an art piece to show off their work.

Tailwind CSS #

I started looking at Tailwind CSS, although I did not use it on this site, I am interested to start messing around with it. I have a few performance concerns since every class is essentially 1 CSS style and property. They recommend using PurgeCSS alongside it to remove CSS classes that are not used on your website. There are a few case studies of larger projects that show how small the production CSS can be.

Benefits I see #

Concerns #

Coding music from this week #