Setting up Craft CMS locally with MAMP and Composer

MAMP allows you to run a local web development server with Apache or Nginx as well as MySQL with a simple GUI.

Composer is a dependency manager for PHP that helps keep track of packages like Craft CMS and allows easy installation and saving of these packages.

  1. Download MAMP at

  2. Install composer with the instructions at

  3. Setup Craft CMS with composer by doing
    composer create-project craftcms/craft <Path>

    I have a projects folder I use for all my web projects and we will be able to point MAMP to use the folder we want. For me this looks like
    composer create-project craftcms/craft ~/Projects/craft-test

    After successful installation, you will see this
    Craft CMS command line setup with composer

  4. Open MAMP and go to MAMP > Preferences > Web Server and for Document Root select the web folder inside the folder you just composer installed Craft CMS into which would be ~/Projects/craft-test/web/

  5. In MAMP click start servers.
    If the MAMP start page doesn't open automatically click Open WebStart Page

  6. Go to Tools > PHPMYADMIN

  7. In the top left click new and enter a database name craft-test. The root user will be added to this database.

  8. Back in your terminal go to your craft project ~/Projects/craft-test and enter
    ./craft setup to start the Craft setup. It will ask you a few questions. Here is the database info based on what you just created with MAMP and PHPMYADMIN.

    • Database type: mysql
    • Host: localhost (or
    • Database port: 8889
    • Database name: (the one you just created)
    • Database user: root
    • Database password: root
    • You are also asked to create a site name and username/ password

    After this is ran it will setup the database and tables and you should be all ready to go.

  9. Open http://localhost:8888/admin or and you can now login to your local Craft CMS