Continuous learning - design

One of the reasons I started the thoughts section of this website was to explore learning in public and documenting the progress.

I have recently been regaining some interest in digital design and using web design tools. I have always had an interested in the relationship between technology and design and have recently started exploring more of that. More recently, most of my full-time work has been heavier on the front-end development side which includes some element of visual design

Figma #

There are a lot of specialty UI/ UX tools for screen design that moves away from the old-school Photoshop approach. Recently, I have been experimenting more with Figma.

What I like about Figma so far:

The Futur #

The Futur Academy has a lot great modern digital design content on their YouTube channel. I enjoy how thought out and designed the content is. They go from the theory of design and running a design business to hands-on using design tools and implementing design.

Design inspiration #

Part of keeping up with design trends is observing what's going on in the industry. Here are a few links to sites I like to visit.