Favorite podcasts

I enjoy listening to podcasts usually while doing things like mowing the lawn, doing the dishes or long drives. I use Pocket Casts to organize my podcasts and track episodes I've listened to.

Podcasts #

These are podcasts I listen to regularly.

  1. Shop Talk Show
  2. The Futur
  3. The Kevin Rose Show
  4. The Last Podcast on the Left
  5. Tim Ferris Podcast
  6. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
  7. This Week in Tech

Podcasts I want to listen to more #

There are quite a few podcasts I save and would like to listen to more. Thesea are a few I recently discovered as well.

  1. Armchair Expert
  2. Design Details
  3. Design Life
  4. Full Stack Radio
  5. Stuff You Should Know
  6. Syntax
  7. Unfinished Business