Making updates to websites

Note: This is an older post from 2012.

I recently updated my portfolio. I added in some of my more recent web design work and removed the older work. With the design update to my portfolio, I also updated my blog design.

I have chose to make it as simple as possible with only the features that are going to be useful to both myself and the (very) few readers. I also am initially launching the new design with the intention of slowly updating the design and features over time. I have noticed that websites are never finished and always changing. Amazon is a great example of a large scale website that makes small changes instead of doing a complete redesign.

How Amazon makes design updates #

Most people haven’t noticed, but Amazon has slowly implemented design features on their website over the past few years that have changed user experience for the better. This is because with smaller changes, their users will be able to adapt better to using the site rather than having to explore a completely new site.

Other (Non Design) Updates #

I have recently started playing the trading card game Magic: the Gathering thanks to the sealed league we started playing at work. It is the first trading card game I have actually played and it has been really fun. One great thing about learning to play is that there are lots of resources online including simulators that allow you to play the game with other people over the Internet. The program I have been using to play online is Cockatrice and I would definitely recommend it to any one that plays Magic.