Notes from this week 2

Pardot spam #

By default, Pardot uses a hidden method called a honeypot. All forms hosted by Pardot have built-in bot protection in the form of a negative CAPTCHA, or an invisible field that your prospects can’t see. The trick is, bots do see this field, and they fill it out. This is how Pardot detects and protects when you’re being spammed.

The front-end divide #

I've been listening to Shop Talk Show Podcast recently and they mention "The Great Divide" every so often. To sum it, up there is a wide variety of skills that can be considered for front-end development. From user interaction design, CSS/HTML/jQuery to coding nodejs backends, ReactJS and utilizing GraphQL. To me, front-end development has always been about bridging the gap from design and development. Some people fall further on one end one end or other. With this, I am always trying to consider what I should be learning next or focus more on.

Coding music #

Spotify has quite a few playlists that they create and I have been listening to Lowkey Tech quite a bit lately. Since it's one of Spotify's playlists, I'm guessing that the exact songs on the playlist will change overtime. I usually save songs that I like over time and build playlists off my saved songs.