This week I have been working from home along with the rest of my colleagues because of coronavirus. I have worked remotely in the past and have been able to accomplish quite a bit. Back in December, I started bullet journaling and this has helped me create my tasks for each day.

There's something very immediate about writing your to-do list on paper and keeping it on your desk.

UX copywriting #

This quarter, I have set a personal improvement OKR to learn more about UX copywriting. Being able to mockup a concept with close-to-real copy and develop it into a working website has proven to be a great way to start off a project and hand it over to copywriters, and marketers.

How to write UX copy that makes your product a joy to use
by Tobias van Schneider gives us a few tips with real examples on how to think like a UX copywriter.

CSS grid and minmax() #

Jenn Simmons and Mozilla have some great youtube videos about modern HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Quick takeaways

minmax($spacing-small, 1fr)
minmax(auto, 50ch)
minmax($spacing-small, 1fr);

Data viz and digital art #

I have an urge to learn more about data visualization, generative art and in general creating cool things online.

Tim Rodenbröker has some great things he has created and tutorials on how to use Processing.

Processing has a library called p5.js that allows for these visuals to also be generated in the web browser.

Emergency website generator #

During times like the coronavirus, getting information from online sources can be critical. Often websites that use a CMS with a database are unable to handle sudden increases in traffic. Max Böck created an emergency website kit with eleventy that includes